Visit AININ at AIRTEC 21, OCT 26-28 2021, MTC Munich
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AIRTEC, Exhibitor




Yes to AIRTEC 21, because of future air mobility business contacts


“Yes to AIRTEC, because Ingolstadt has been known nationally and internationally as a mobility location for over 70 years. The economic region is constantly evolving, adopting current trends and forging innovative paths into the future. At the AIRTEC 2021, the mobility region will present its locational advantages as well as current innovation projects.”



Innovations- und Netzwerkmanager




Mobilitätsregion Ingolstadt

The “Hightech Agenda Bavaria” started in 2019 and the Ingolstadt mobility region is a crucial part of it. The Free State’s technology offensive comprises an investment volume of two billion euros and is intended to be a research turbo so that Bavaria will still have a pioneering position and technological dominance in ten years’ time. The Ingolstadt mobility region, represented by the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI), its AN Institute Artificial Intelligence Network Ingolstadt gGmbH (AININ) and the Urban Air Mobility Initiative (UAM-Initiative) of the city of Ingolstadt.


Artificial Intelligence Network Ingolstadt gGmbH (AININ)

AININ is a network founded in 2019 at the Technical University of Ingolstadt for AI research in the following areas: mobility, trade, health, ethics and production. The research aims to develop socially relevant products in the field of AI technologies and transfer knowledge to companies, research institutions and people.


Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI)

As part of the “Hightech Agenda Bavaria”, Ingolstadt and the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI) are the hub for mobility supported by artificial intelligence (AI). In doing so, the potentials in the areas relevant to the mobility of the future are researched. These are autonomous driving, unmanned flying and AI-controlled automobile production. The research results are transferred into applications so that decisive impulses are possible. In this way, THI lives up to its claim to create innovations for a future worth living in.


Urban Air Mobility Initiative (UAM-Initiative) of the city of Ingolstadt

The initiative now includes a large network with over 80 members of regional and supraregional actors. The aim is to create an ecosystem at the Ingolstadt / Manching site that enables innovative urban air mobility technologies to be researched and tested. In addition to passenger transport, the application fields of logistics, emergency and rescue operations, public safety and traffic monitoring also play a major role.



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