AIRTEC 2022 | Oct 26-28, 2022 | MTC Munich - Join us, exhibit!
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AIRTEC, Exhibitor

noonee germany GmbH


Yes to AIRTEC 2021, because it is time to get to know the Chairless Chair!


“We are exhibiting at AIRTEC 2021, because we are excited to introduce the aerospace industry to a simple and cost-effective way of working ergonomically.”




Head of National Sales




noonee is the first provider of Wearable Ergonomic Mechanical Devices (WEMD) for industry. These are wearable, mechanical exoskeletons. They enable companies to ergonomically equip workplaces that previously required their employees to adopt a posture that was both strenuous and unhealthy in the long term.

Together with industry, noonee developed a passive exoskeleton, the Chairless Chair, which makes a positive contribution to the reduction of physical strain. The Chairless Chair offers the change between standing, sitting and walking within seconds without the need to change the workstation. The Chairless Chair allows the worker to temporarily sit in an ergonomically favorable position instead of standing. In doing so, the legs are relieved and a healthy and upright sitting posture is supported. With the Chairless Chair, work becomes easier and employees go home less tired.



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