Philip Keil Pilot & Keynote Speaker AIRTEC, Oct 26-28 2021, MTC Munich
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Philip Keil Pilot Keynotespeaker
AIRTEC, Airtec Conference, Moderator, Speaker



“I am present at AIRTEC 21, because right now important impulses and the exchange of the industry are needed in order to use the opportunities and potentials together. On the ground as in the air, you need a strong team with a clear goal!”


Pilot, Keynotespeaker



PILOT: In 2003, at the age of 22, Philip Keil was one of the youngest commercial pilots in Germany. He has been flying for a few years in the USA, Great Britain and Canada. Within seconds, a routine flight becomes an acute emergency for the crew and almost 200 passengers. Philip Keil can avert a disaster and is back in the cockpit just a few days later.


SPEAKER: Philip Keil has been on the stage as a keynote speaker across Europe since 2014. He has been listed internationally as a TOP100 speaker since years and has reached tens of thousands of people with his motivational lectures. He has been giving keynote speeches at Germany’s largest events with over 60,000 participants. In 2019 and 2020, Philip Keil is nominated as Keynote Speaker of the Year for the Red Fox Award. Today he is one of the most famous speakers in Europe.


NON-FICTION AUTHOR: In 2016 Philip Keil published his first audio book “Mastering crisis” about dealing with extreme experiences and difficult decisions on the ground and in the air. In 2019 his book “You are the pilot!” is published, in which he is devoted to the topics of confidence and self-management.


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