Weippert Kunststofftechnik at AIRTEC 21 | Oct 26-28, MTC Munich
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AIRTEC, Exhibitor



Yes to AIRTEC 21, because we will present our glass fiber reinforced plastic screws with metric threads, inch threads and our new self-tapping screws with their advantages and special properties.


“We exhibit at AIRTEC 21, to introduce our new self-tapping plastic screws and looking forward to generating contacts and customers.”


Managing Director




WEIPPERT Kunststofftechnik, the specialist for glass fiber reinforced plastic screws, was founded in 1992. Starting with the production of thermoplastic precision molded parts, we successfully added the first glass fiber reinforced plastic screws, nuts and washers to our ever-growing range in 2016.

Through the targeted use of fiberglass-reinforced plastics, our screws achieve significantly higher tensile force and torque values. In connection with other positive plastic properties such as corrosion and contact corrosion resistance, as well as thermal and electrical insulation and a weight saving of up to 80% of the screw weight, our plastic screws are an innovative product “made in Germany”.

Our latest product – the self-tapping plastic screw for easily malleable materials such as wood, plastics or elastomers – enables screwing in without a mating thread, only with a pilot hole.



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