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DAY 1 | Oct 25th, 2023
Moderator: TBD
09:30Eva Weber
Mayor of Augsburg (INVITED)
»Welcome Address«
09:35Diana Schnabel
Exhibition Manager Airtec 2023 and New Space Expo & Conference 2023
»Welcome from the Management Board«
09:40Dr. Anna Christmann
Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy
»Welcome from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action BMWK (Video greetings)«
09:45Bavarian State Minister Dr. Florian Herrmann, MdL
Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery
»Welcome from the Bavarian State Government«
10:05Keynote | Premium AEROTEC
Sebastian Peters, Managing Director Premium AEROTEC & Member of the Board of Management Airbus Germany
10:25Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz
Werner Loscheider, Referatsleiter "Bauwirtschaft, Leichtbau/Neue Werkstoffe, Ressourceneffizienz"
10:45Airbus Operations GmbH Strategy«
Tanja Neuland, Hydrogen Techno IPT Leader - Propulsion of Tomorrow
»Sustainable aviation – Hydrogen Storage«
11:05Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG
Simon Weiss, Head of Aviation
»SAF/eSAF: long term interim solution?«
11:25EMEA Aerospace & Defence Leader of PwC and Strategy
Dr. Jan-Henning Wille, PwC Strategy
»From Feedstock to Flight: How to unlock the potential of SAF«
11:45Airbus Protect
Daniyah Rafique, System Engineer
»Hydrogen Infrastructure and their Challenges for Hydrogen Planes«
12:00Lunch Break12:00 Lunch Break
Future Air Mobility: Overview

Moderator: Mike Hirschberg, VFS

Moderator: Prof. Jens Eickhoff
13:00Airbus Urban Mobility
Balkiz Sarihan, CEO & Head of UAM
»Airbus Future Air Mobility Developments«
13:00acatech – Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften | National Academy of Science and Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann-Dietrich Wörner, President (INVITED)
13:20AutoFlight Europe
Mark Henning, Managing Director
»Autoflight Future Air Mobility Developments«
New Space Applications: Automotive & Logistics

Moderator: Prof. Jens Eickhoff
13:40Dufour Aerospace
Thomas Pfammatter, CEO
»Dufour Future Air Mobility Developments«
13:30Prof. Jens Eickhoff, Airbus Defence and Space (Product Manager F-Series Avionics and Satellites), University of Stuttgart
(Professor for Satellite Systems Technology and Operations)
»Welcome message«
Andreas Perotti, CMO, Europe
»Advanced Air Mobility in the APAC Region: Ready for Take-off«
13:50Zentrum fuer Telematik (Center for Telematics)
Prof. Klaus Schilling, Professor and Chair for Robotics and Telematics at University Wuerzburg, Member of the
International Academy of Astronautics
14:20Joby Aviation »Small satellites for climate predictions«
Andreas Fischbacher, Lead Manufacturing Engineer
»The Joby eVTOL Air Taxi«
Alistair McIntosh, CTO
»Development of the Lilium Jet«
Applications, Technologies & Solutions

Moderator: TBD
15:00Odys Aviation
Jonathan Stephens, Head of Certification
»Hybrid technology as an enabler for commercialization«
14:30 Prof. Jens Eickhoff, Airbus Defence and Space (Product Manager F-Series Avionics and Satellites), University of Stuttgart
14:30Prof. Jens Eickhoff, Airbus Defence and Space (Product Manager F-Series Avionics and Satellites), University of Stuttgart
(Professor for Satellite Systems Technology and Operations)
»The F-Series Core Avionics and Onboard Software - State of the Art for Satellite Platforms and Payload integration.«
15:20Discussion14:50European Space Imaging
Benjamin Lieberknecht, Sales Manager
»Applications of 30cm Resolution Satellite Imagery with High Temporal Revisit Rates accessing the Legion Constellation«
Victor Ertl, Lead Business Development & Marketing
»Introducing Nyx vehicle (capsule)«
15:40Coffee Break15:30Coffee Break
16:00Vertical Flight Society
Mike Hirschberg, Director of Strategy
»The Future of Air Mobility«
15:50DLR GfR mbH
Jan Gebhardt, Service & Engineering
»Application of NAVCAST in the UTM sector - Bringing GNSS-downstream markets to innovative sectors.«
Dr. Saskia Horsch, Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs
»Key Enablers for Future Air Mobility«
Massimo Comparini, Deputy CEO ESVP Observation Exploration Navigation (INVITED)
»Urban Digital Twins«
Pamir Sevincel, Managing Partner
»State of the Union: Investing in AAM and Adjacent Verticals«
16:20Luleå University of Technology
Bernd Weiss, Ph.D. student (INVITED)
»Satellite recycling in orbit (working title)«
16:50Flying Pages
Willi Tacke, CEO
»The Electric Aviation Revolution«
16:40"Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE
Thomas Loosen, Head of Central Office - Space
»Small Satellites Roadmap KSaRo: Where is the German small satellite community heading?«"
18:00End of Conference Day18:00End of Conference Day
DAY 2 | Oct 26th, 2023
Session "Composites - Enabler for an efficient and sustainable aerospace industry"

Moderator: Marc Fette, Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An Airbus Company)
Needs | Various Applications

Moderator: TBD
Marc Fette, Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An Airbus Company), CEO
09:10Luleå University of Technology
Prof. Rene Laufer, Professor and Head of Subject Space Systems
Dr. Christian Weimer, AIRBUS Central Research & Technology, Head of Materials
»Advancing the next generation of composite materials - digital, functional and circular«
09:30GMV GmbH
Mattia Moscardino, Chief Executive Officer Germany
09:40Blackwave GmbH
Bastian Behrens, CEO
09:50Luleå University of Technology, Centre of Excellence, Division of Space Technology, Department of Computer Science,
Electrical and Space Engineering
Olle Persson, CEO
10:05Coriolis Composites GmbH
Thomas Gahr, General Manager
10:10Global Trust
Estel Blay , Senior BD Manager (INVITED)
»Satellite Data Provider, Digital Wins from real world«
10:30Coffee Break10:30Coffee Break
10:40GKN Aerospace
Thomas Herkner, Forschungsingenieur

Moderator: TBD
11:05Premium Aerotec
Michael Dupont, Head of A350 S16/18 CFRP Panel Production
10:50Airbus Protect, N.N.
»EU regulatory landscape: Sustainability is coming! (Working Title)«
11:30Volocopter GmbH
Dr. Bernd Thoma, Head of Manufacturing Engineering
»Composites bringing Urban Airmobility to life«
11:00Data-Warehouse GmbH
Dr. Alexander Löw, CEO
»Cyber Security (working title)«
11:55Discussion11:10Airbus Protect, Emmanuel Arbaretier, Innovation Manager
»Generation of Cyberattacks Leading to Safety Top Event and using a Model Based approach: how to face with combinatory
explosion of sequences and states in future mobility systems ?«
11:30Airbus Protect, N.N.
»Aerospace & Aviation what it takes to stay in the game is compliance with EASA Part-IS paired with the ambition to go
beyond (Working title)«
12:20Lunch Break12:20Lunch Break
Future Air Mobility: Technical Research

Moderator: Mike Hirschberg, VFS
We print to fly: Additive Manufacturing for lightweight solutions

Moderator: TBD
13:30Technical University Munich
Prof. Ilkay Yavrucuk, Chair, Helicopter & VTOL Aircraft Institute
»Vertical Flight Research at TUM«
13:30Rocket Factory Augsburg
Vasyl Kashevko, Additive Manufacturing Enabler
13:50Technical University Munich
Prof. Florian Holzapfel, Chair, Flight Systems Dynamics Institute
»Making Future Air Mobility Fly«
13:50MT Aerospace AG
Thomas Weitlaner, Senior Vice President Additive Manufacturing Sales
»Additive manufacturing: Synergies from space for aerospace and many other industries (working title)«
14:10Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI
Henri Meess, Group Leader, Highly Automated Flying
»ALBACOPTER® - Autonomous Flight«
14:10EOS GmbH
Udo Behrendt, Key Account Manager Aerospace
»AM in Aerospace - EOS«
14:30German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Dr. Burkard Wigger, Director, Flight Experiments Facility
»Flight Testing Future Air Mobility«
14:30Fraunhofer IGCV
Dr. Georg Schlick, Head of Department Additive Manufacturing – Metal and Multi-Material
»Analyzing the influence of process parameters on antistatic pipes produced by braiding pultrusion«
14:50Dipolo GmbH
Federico Lo Cicero, Simulation Engineer
»Fly It Before You Build It: Reaching New Heights in Aircraft Development with Simulation«
Sonja Rasch, Sales Director Manufacturing D/CH
15:30Coffee Break15:10Coffee Break
Future Air Mobility: eCTOL / eSTOL / Hydrogen
Moderator: Prof. Florian Holzapfel, Technical University Munich
15:30Premium Aerotec
Dr. Thomas Bielefeld, Head of Additive Manufacturing
Diana Siegel, Director of Strategy
16:05Pipistrel Aircraft
Dr. Tine Tomažič, CTO (INVITED)
Computing, Simulation & AI

Dr. Anita Sengupta, CEO
16:00AbsInt GmbH
Dr. Daniel Kaestner, CTO
»Satisfying Real-Time Requirements on Multi-core Processors «
16:45MT Aerospace AG
Dr. Günther Schullerer, Director of Engineering
»Development of a Liquid-Hydrogen Storage and Supply System for Future Emission-Free Aviation«
Hugo Silva, Engineer
»Fitness for Purpose and Absence of Unintended Function in Machine Learned Avionics«
John Griesbacher, R&D Aerospace Engineer
Dr. Michal Jankowski, Head of Emerging Technologies
»Quantum Skies: Redefining the Aerospace Industry through Quantum Computing«
17:25Piasecki Aircraft
Stefan Andres, Chief of Product
»The PA-890 Hybrid Hydrogen Helicopter«
17:00Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI
Prof. Dr. Matthias Klingner, Director of the Institute
»Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project ALBACOPTER®«
17:45Discussion17:20Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)
Christopher Maurice Wünsch, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
»In-situ investigation and analytical modeling of crack initiation and propagation in Ti-6Al-4V under low cycle fatigue
18:00End of Conference Day18:00End of Conference Day
DAY 3 | Oct 27th, 2023
Future Air Mobility: Electrical Systems

Moderator: Pamir Sevincel, Blackbird
Composites & Additive Manufacturing

Olaf Otto, President - Electrical
09:10NETZSCH Process Intelligence GmbH
Dr. Alexander Chaloupka, Managing Director | CTO
»Digitizing Composite Manufacturing for Process Efficiency «
Lawrence Blakeley, COO & Head of Design Organisation
09:30Engenuity Ltd.
Martin Wachtel, Engineering Analyst
»Advancing Composite Crash Structures: Predicting Energy Absorption in Air Mobility«
Derek Jordanou-Bailey , Chief Engineer
»Maximising the environmental benefits of aerospace electrification«

Moderator: TBD
Ajay Lukha, CCO
09:50Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co. KG
Marco Livieri, Pre-Sales Manager Testing Solutions & Business Development
»Driving Innovation in aircraft design by solving noise and vibrations challenges«
10:30Excellion GmbH
Dr. Dominic Pascal Förstermann, Managing Director
»Battery Cell Technology for Electric Aviation: What Can We Expect?«
10:10Fraunhofer IFAM
Leander Brieskorn,
»Gap filling for thermoplatic fuselage shells«
Richard Charlton, CEO & Co-Founder
»Portable Ground Chargers«
10:30Fraunhofer IGCV
Dr. Renato Bezerra, Research staff
»Production of a complex shape thermoplastic CFRP structure by T-AFP with in-situ consolidation«
11:10Discussion10:50Autoflug GmbH
Jacqueline Schwarzmann, Product Manager
»How Do You Protect Your eVTOL Flight Test Crews During Manned Testing?«
Derek Jordanou-Bailey, Chief Engineer–Aerospace
»Developing an optimised electric power unit for AAM propulsion«
11:30Lunch Break11:30Lunch Break
Future Air Mobility: Infrastructure and Suppliers

Moderator: Mike Hirschberg, VFS
12:30Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions
Dan Sloat, CEO
»Vertiports as the AAM Ecosystem Marketplace«
Derek Jordanou-Bailey, Chief Engineer–Aerospace
»Developing an optimised electric power unit for AAM propulsion«
Norbert Vierheilig, Brand & Campaigns Smart Infrastructure
»Smart Infrastructure for Electric Aircraft«
12:50Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology
Simon Dillmann, Scientific Employee
»Validation Platform for UAM Propulsion Systems«
Oliver Grunewald, Senior Design Consultant
»AAM: A new transport mode or the search for a useful application scenarrio«
13:10Smiths High Performance
Dr. Achim Hofmann, Material consultant
»New Material Development and its availability to low volume applications«
13:30available slot13:30P3 group
Tobias Breithaupt, Head of future mobility / aerospace
»Unraveling recurring patterns in AAM: Ideas for cross-industry learnings«
13:50FACC Operations GmbH applications«
Günter Nelböck, VP, Engines & Nacelles (INVITED)
13:50Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Prof. Dr. André Baeten, Research Professor Lightweight Construction and Composite Technology
»Cryogenic hydrogen cooling system for a new electric drive system
14:10Honeywell Aerospace
Martin Miehling, Business Manager Europe — UAM / UAS
14:10MM-Welding AG
Dr. Martin Rhême , CEO
»Automated InWWerse™ Fastening Technology for Aircraft Interior Applications «
14:30Panel Discussion14:30Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE
Dr. Simon Kothe, Head of Central Office
»Automated assembly of the Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator«
Markus Pont, CEO
»The Digital Transformation of Motion«
15:00Brno University of Technology
Jiří Novák, Ph.D. student
»Hybrid Modeling Approach for Optimization Based Control of Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles«
15:20Brno University of Technology
Jiří Novák, Ph.D. student
»Parameter Optimization of Adaptive Nonlinear Control System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles «
17:00End of Conference Day17:00End of Conference Day