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Introducing NEW SPACE EXPO & CONFERENCE – We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new, standalone event dedicated to the rapidly growing New Space industry. Responding to overwhelming demand, we’ve given New Space a distinct presence at AIRTEC, with its own space and dedicated program. Rest assured, both events will continue to take place simultaneously, inextricably linked as ever.



Space meets new clients

Facilitate customer acquisition for New Space players


Attract new suppliers to the New Space community


Serve as a job market for young professionals and graduates, thus providing highly qualified workforce for New Space companies


Showcase the performance of the New Space community, preferably through existing cooperative projects


Enable pilot projects that serve as proof-of- concept and initial steps towards realizing larger space projects


Enhance the visibility of the New Space community and provide a dedicated hub in Central Europe






Since the term ‘New Space’ is understood in many ways, it is important for us to clarify the interpretation used for NEW SPACE EXPO & CONFERENCE.

The new space industry refers to the recent growth and development of private companies and organizations in the space sector, operating independently or in partnership with government agencies. This industry focuses on developing new and innovative technologies, products, and services related to space exploration, satellite communications, earth observation and more. It represents a shift from traditional government-led space initiatives to a more commercial and market-driven approach. At its core, the new space industry is driven by innovation, entrepreneurship, and a bold vision for the future.

Space meets new clients

„New Space“ includes the commercialisation of space technologies and its increasing connection with traditional industries. Innovative SmallSat services, business models and New Space applications from different industries will be presented.

  • Aerospace
  • Future Air Mobility
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Rail
  • Logistics
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical

Launch Industry

The launch industry refers to the companies and technologies involved in designing, building, and launching spacecraft and rockets. With the growth of the new space industry, the launch industry has seen significant innovation and disruption. Overall, the launch industry is a key driver of the new space sector and a critical enabler of the continued expansion of human activities in space.

Satellite & Spacecraft Manufacturing

Satellite & Spacecraft Manufacturing is the process of designing, building, and testing the vehicles and equipment used for space exploration and utilization. This includes manufacturing and assembling complex systems and components, as well as testing and validating their functionality and performance to ensure safe and reliable operation in the extreme conditions of space.

  • SmallSat Systems
  • SmallSat Constellations
  • Components and Subsystems for SmallSats & Spacecraft
  • Electronics, Electronic Assemblies, Onboard Computers
  • Spacecraft Equipment
  • Test Equipment & Testbenches

Satellite Services

Satellite Services refer to the range of applications and services enabled by satellites and spacecraft in orbit. This includes everything from global communications and Earth observation to scientific research and deep space exploration.

  • Communications, Geoinformation, Data and Services, Positioning, Navigation and Timing, loT, Media and Internet for All
  • Deorbiting
  • Space Debris Mitigation

Mission Control & Ground Equipment

Mission Control & Ground Equipment refers to the systems and technologies used to control and monitor spacecraft and satellites from the ground. This includes everything from the control rooms and software used to manage spacecraft operations to the antennas and communication systems used to send and receive data from orbit.


The New Space industry has generated over the years so many different payloads in the fields of

  • atmospheric science
  • Earth observation
  • asteroid observation
  • communications and inter-satellite-links (both optical and LASER based)
  • quantum key transmission

Launch & Landing Infrastructure

Launch & Landing Infrastructure refers to the facilities and technologies used to launch and land rockets, spacecraft, and satellites. This includes everything from launch pads and runways to recovery systems and ground support equipment.

Research Institutes

NEW SPACE EXPO & CONFERENCE grants special conditions for academic exhibitors.


Here’s a booklet containing all the information on NEW SPACE EXPO & CONFERENCE 2023 (PDF).

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