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How do they work?

Only exhibitors all owed as vendors

Only exhibitors are allowed as vendors of their products in the B2B meetings. And thus, only they meet procurement managers, supply chain managers, R&D managers, R&T managers and other high-ranking tech managers, especially from OEMs.

High-ranking and targeted on the other side

On the other side are high-ranking tech managers who are looking for new suppliers. To ensure that this group of people also loves Airtec, the event is always focused on technology and innovation. This ensures that the tech professionals can also network with each other in an efficient way.

Converge precisely

The Airtec digital platform opens as early as three months before the event. Then both sides - exhibitors and seekers - begin to insert their goals with the help of a fixed keyword register. The exhibitors enter what they have to offer. The buyers and tech managers, what they are looking for. In this way, the digital platform can bring together those who are a perfect match.

Request, accept, reject

Once the software has identified the potential matches, the parties involved can request a meeting with each other, which will then take place later on site at Airtec’s fair ground. Everyone sees who the potential meeting partner is and can accept or decline the meeting.

30-minute meetings on site

The accepted meetings then take place on site at the exhibition centre. Often described by participants as „absolutely effective and efficient - strung together like a string of pearls“. The scattering losses that a normal booth often has at other trade fairs are eliminated.

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