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How Airtec develops in 2024

Defence & Security

By popular demand, we are expanding the range of topics at Airtec this year to include “Defence & Security”. The background to this is that high-tech is often used in more than just one of the “civil” or “defence” sectors – the transition between the two is very often fluid.

For Airtec in particular, there is another decisive factor: as exhibitors, visitors and experts repeatedly emphasise, the outstanding unique selling point of Airtec is its strict focus on technology and innovation. However, many innovations in civil aviation originally come from the field of “defence”; it is therefore only consistent to include technology development in this area within the focus.

And, if you look at the aspect of protecting human life on the ground within the topic of “defence” – be it civilians or members of the military – it immediately becomes clear how important protection from the air is. And here, of course, many UAVs are used that are at least related to the existing topics at Airtec. The same applies to the rescue of injured persons.

Defence & Security

Here’s what exhibitors and visitors of Airtec 2024 can specifically expect in this theme area:

  • A clear reference to flying apparatus, such as aircraft, fighters, helicopters, drones, and guided missiles,
  • but also rockets, micro-launchers, satellites, and satellite deployment in the defence sector,
  • including all related technologies and materials.

Focus Areas

  • Manufacturers of aircraft, fighters, and helicopters (FCAS, F35, etc.),
  • unmanned aerial systems (drones),
  • guided missiles,
  • new materials, hypersonic technology,
  • quality, quality assurance in manufacturing,
  • ruggedized electronics
  • ceramic composite materials
  • carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers (CFRP)
  • Simulation

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