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How Airtec develops in 2024


At Airtec 2023, we worked intensively on a topic that had long been on our agenda: “Airtec as a platform for employee recruitment”. Before the trade fair, we specifically approached lecturers at various universities with the request to draw students’ attention to Airtec as a high-tech and innovation trade fair and to the free student tickets. To make the whole thing even more attractive for students, student tickets always include unlimited conference participation.

We were delighted to see more than 500 students at Airtec 2023.

To anticipate the result: we received a lot of positive feedback from all sides after Airtec 2023.

In times of demographic change, which will inevitably lead to a steadily worsening shortage of skilled professionals, such an event offers the perfect opportunity for students to take a close look at potential employers and their products and engage in direct dialogue with them.

So that you too can get an idea of the student participants at Airtec 2023, here are the universities from which students attended Airtec 2023 (the percentages can be seen in the graphic):

Where the students at Airtec 2023 came from

Goal for 2024: 2.000 student participants

Inspired by the success, we will significantly expand the topic for Airtec 2024. The declared goal is to attract 2.000 student participants.

In order to achieve this, we will be active or become much more active at the following universities in particular:

• Technical University of munich (TUM) 
• RWTH Aachen University
• Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) 
• Technical University of Darmstadt
• University of Stuttgart
• Technische Universität Berlin
• Technische Universität Dresden
• Technische Universität Braunschweig
• FH Aachen
• HAW Hamburg

However, we also consider universities in neighbouring European countries to be of interest for talent acquisition. We will therefore be promoting participation in Airtec 2024 at the following universities:

• ETH Zurich, Switzerland
• Imperial College London, United Kingdom
• Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
• École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
• University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
• Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark 
• École Polytechnique, France
• Politecnico di Milano, Italy


In 2023 over 500+ students visited Airtec. Our goal for this year is 2.000.

Your opinion matters to us

Do you have other universities or universities of applied sciences that we should contact more intensively? Or would you like to promote student participation in Airtec 2024 at your university? Please get in touch. We welcome all suggestions and questions. Here is the e-mail address set up especially for this purpose:

More on AIRTEC's changes in 2024:

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