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Testimonials 2023

»Airtec 2023 was a fantastic opportunity for the Future Air Mobility companies and suppliers to discuss about their products, progress and future development. We look forward to even more B2B connections at Airtec 2024!«
Vertical Flight Society, Executive Director
»Strong interest on a broad scale. Many contacts with students, suppliers and more. Perfect platform for Rocket Factory to present itself with its label as a company. On my point of view New Space fits perfectly to aviation. Also complementary to the Automotive industry.«
Julia Ziegler
Rocket Factory Augsburg, HR Business Partner
»Airtec is a platform for networking in the aerospace sector and brings people together. We look forward to this excellent event next year. Many thanks to the great AIRTEC team around Diana Schnabel, to Composite United with Tjark von Reden and to Mobility goes Additive e.V. with Stefanie Brickwede for this opportunity!«
Marc Fette
Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An Airbus Company), CEO
»Qualified contacts. Very good show. Well organized.«
Stefan Bornheimer
»As the leading international event in the field of future mobility, Airtec 2023 in Augsburg was an excellent platform for business, networking and knowledge exchange.«
Maik Kaminski
Airbus Protect
»Chapeau! The opening event of the AIRTEC trade fair series in Augsburg was a great success. Excellent mix out of conferences and partner meetings. As a local participant we appreciated the chance to be part of it. The development is coherent. It is growth but also moderate – the way it should be. A good place to follow-up existing and gain new precious relations.«
Andreas Müller
AutoFlight Europe GmbH, Senior Operations and Procurement Manager
»This has been a great event! from the exhibitor perspective from what I heard, as well as - and I can testimony for sure - from the high level conferences held in parallel on two stages, one mostly driven by the Vertical Flight Society with a great of set of panels (30 high level speakers) organised by Mike Hirschberg and a second stage on many up-to-date manufacturing processes as well as new Space or cybersecurity to just to give few examples...«
Frederic Malleret
AeroWestDevelopment, President
»The Airtec 2023 was a resounding success, benefiting both exhibitors and attendees. It featured a wide array of high-quality products and services, while providing an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and innovation.«
Nina Backes
MT Aerospace AG, Senior Communications Manager
»The AIRTEC has developed its portfolio over the past years to address transversal aspects of the Aerospace EcoSystem. This is an important step towards the effective collaboration of the industry in a rapidly changing market environment towards sustainability and effective use of resources and capabilities.«
Thomas Tschirner
ArianeGroup, Head of Civil Majors and Program Supply Management - JPL
»At Airtec 2023 good qualified contacts. In powder tooling. Airtec also ideal for smaller and medium companies to create new business opportunities.«
Jon Pardo Garate
Burdinberri S L, CEO
»At Airtec 2023 we had good contacts, we met the right people in aerospace and future air mobility for additive manufacturing. Looking forward to Airtec 2024.«
Linus Tillmann
Mobility Goes Additive e.V.
»Airtec 2023: Easy construction. Everything uncomplicated. Good business talks! Good presentations at the conference. Looking forward to next year, Airtec 2024!«
Niko Mau
MCD-Tools GmbH, CEO
»Qualified contacts. Very positive Feedback. Great attention to a new Start-Up in the Future Air Mobility Industry! Excellent presentations and the possibility for Odonata to present. Looking forward to Airtec 2024!«
John Griesbacher
and the ODONATA team
»Airtec 2023: The location of Bavaria, around Augsburg very relevant. The industry is here! Very good business talks! Looking forward to next Airtec 2024.«
Benjamin Staaks
SAERTEX, Key Account Manager
»This is the 3rd year in a row I’ve see AIRTEC grow and become a clear driver for networking around Munich. Big thank you to Diana Schnabel, Mike Hirschberg and the whole Airtec team for creating another successful and qualitative fair full of opportunities to network, including evening events. I'm looking forward to next year!«
Alain Sobry, Sales Manager
»For our first participation at AIRTECH, we appreciate your warm hospitality and the organization of this event. We wanted to take part in all the opportunities that airtec had to offer, and we don't have any regrets.«
Guillaume Carriere
ISP SYSTEM – ZI de la Herray, Export business manager
»All the cultural and business opportunities were excellent at Airtec 2023! Qualified contacts! A variety of treat presentations at the conference of Airtec 2023! Also on the topics of electronics! Warm ambiance of Airtec 2023! Thanks to the warm hospitality of the organizers of Airtec 2023, Diana Schnabel and her team. We have no regrets and took part in all opportunities that Airtec 2023 offered. Looking forward to Airtec 2024!«
Tobias Kleiber
Metalux Metallveredlung GmbH, Head of Sales
»AIRTEC 2024 was again the place-to-be for all aviation, space and new mobility enthusiasts. The new Messe Augsburg location gives Airtec the appropriate framework.

AIRTEC always unites the relevant stakeholder of the industry and offers great opportunities for networking and collaboration. The exiting 3 days of AIRTEC have been fully packed with interesting lectures of high level speakers.

AIRTEC is for Materialise a perfect platform to connect with new and existing customer for new potential additive manufacturing projects!«
Sonja Rasch
MATERIALISE, Sales Director Manufacturing D/CH

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