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DAY 1 | Oct 25th, 2023
Chairman: Alexander Schroll
09:30Eva Weber
Mayor of Augsburg
»Welcome Address«
09:35Diana Schnabel
Exhibition Manager Airtec 2023 and New Space Expo & Conference 2023
»Welcome from the Management Board«
09:40Dr. Anna Christmann
Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy
»Welcome from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action BMWK (Video greetings)«
09:45Bavarian State Minister Dr. Florian Herrmann, MdL
Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery
»Welcome from the Bavarian State Government«
10:05Keynote | Premium AEROTEC (a Business Unit of Airbus)
Sebastian Peters, Managing Director Premium AEROTEC (a Business Unit of Airbus) & Member of the Board of Management Airbus Germany
10:25Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz
Werner Loscheider, Referatsleiter "Bauwirtschaft, Leichtbau/Neue Werkstoffe, Ressourceneffizienz"
10:45Airbus Operations GmbH Strategy«
Tanja Neuland, Hydrogen Techno IPT Leader - Propulsion of Tomorrow
»Sustainable aviation – Hydrogen Storage«
11:05Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG
Simon Weiss, Head of Aviation
»SAF/eSAF: long term interim solution?«
11:25PwC Strategy&
Anna Paulina Went, Expert for sustainable aviation and SAF
»From Feedstock to Flight: How to unlock the potential of SAF«
11:45Airbus Protect
Daniyah Rafique, System Engineer
»Hydrogen Infrastructure and their Challenges for Hydrogen Planes«
12:05Lunch Break12:00 Lunch Break
Future Air Mobility: eVTOL

Chairman: Mike Hirschberg, VFS
Applications, Technologies & Solutions

Chairman: Prof. Jens Eickhoff
13:00Vertical Flight Society
Mike Hirschberg, Director of Strategy
»The Future of Air Mobility«
13:00Prof. Jens Eickhoff, Airbus Defence and Space (Product Manager F-Series Avionics and Satellites), University of Stuttgart
(Professor for Satellite Systems Technology and Operations)
»Welcome message«
13:20Airbus Urban Mobility
Balkiz Sarihan, CEO & Head of UAM
»Airbus Future Air Mobility Developments«
Dr. Stefan Brieschenk, Rocket Factory Augsburg AG, COO
13:40AutoFlight Europe
Mark Henning, Managing Director
»Autoflight Future Air Mobility Developments«
13:35Luleå University of Technology
Bernd Weiss, Ph.D. student (INVITED)
»Satellite recycling in orbit (working title)«
14:00Dufour Aerospace
Thomas Pfammatter, CEO
»Dufour Future Air Mobility Developments«
Victor Ertl, Lead Business Development & Marketing
»Introducing Nyx vehicle (capsule)«
Andreas Perotti, CMO, Europe
»Advanced Air Mobility in the APAC Region: Ready for Take-off«
14:25Zentrum fuer Telematik (Center for Telematics)
Prof. Klaus Schilling, Professor and Chair for Robotics and Telematics at University Wuerzburg, Member of the
International Academy of Astronautics
»Innovative small satellite formations for earth observation: TOM, CloudCT and CuBy«
Bhavesh Mandalia, Head of Airworthiness and Deputy CTO
»Development of the Lilium Jet«
14:50European Space Imaging
Benjamin Lieberknecht, Sales Manager
»Applications of 30cm Resolution Satellite Imagery with High Temporal Revisit Rates accessing the Legion Constellation«
15:00Odys Aviation
Jonathan Stephens, Head of Airworthiness and Certification
»Hybrid technology as an enabler for commercialization«
15:15Data-Warehouse GmbH
Dr. Alexander Löw, CEO
»Preparing to the quantum encryption age in space«
15:40Coffee Break15:55Coffee Break
Future Air Mobility Perspectives

Chairman: Prof. Ilkay Yavrucuk, Technical University Munich
Applications, Technologies & Solutions

Chairman: TBD
16:00Orbit Management Services
Dr. Erik Linden, Founding Partner
»Navigating the Diverse Risk Landscape of the AAM Industry«
16:05Prof. Jens Eickhoff, Airbus Defence and Space (Product Manager F-Series Avionics and Satellites), University of Stuttgart
(Professor for Satellite Systems Technology and Operations)
»The F-Series Core Avionics and Onboard Software - State of the Art for Satellite Platforms and Payload integration.«
16:15Flying Pages
Willi Tacke, CEO
»The Electric Aviation Revolution«
16:30DLR GfR mbH
Jan Gebhardt, Service & Engineering
»Application of NAVCAST in the UTM sector - Bringing GNSS-downstream markets to innovative sectors.«
Marvin König, Sr. Manager Gov't Relations & Public Affairs Europe
»Key Enablers for Future Air Mobility«
16:55Zentrum fuer Telematik (Center for Telematics)
Prof. Klaus Schilling, Professor and Chair for Robotics and Telematics at University Wuerzburg, Member of the
International Academy of Astronautics
»Small series production of small satellites«
Pamir Sevincel, Managing Partner
»State of the Union: Investing in AAM and Adjacent Verticals«
17:20Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE
Thomas Loosen, Head of Central Office Space
»Applied Research for the New Space Community«
18:00End of Conference Day18:00End of Conference Day
DAY 2 | Oct 26th, 2023
Session "Composites - Enabler for an efficient and sustainable aerospace industry"

Chairman: Marc Fette, Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An Airbus Company)
Regulations, Data Protection, Cybersecurity, & Sustainability

Chairman: TBD
Marc Fette, Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An Airbus Company), CEO
09:10Airbus Protect, Thibaut Buvat, Account Manager sustainability
»EU regulatory landscape: Sustainability is coming!«
Dr. Christian Weimer, AIRBUS Central Research & Technology, Head of Materials
»Advancing the next generation of composite materials - digital, functional and circular«
09:30Data-Warehouse GmbH
Dr. Alexander Löw, CEO
»Cybersecurity Challenges, Software Supply Chain Control and need for crypto agility in aviation«
09:40Blackwave GmbH
Bastian Behrens, CEO
09:50Airbus Protect, Mikaël Diaz, Innovation manager
»Generation of Cyberattacks Leading to Safety Top Event and using a Model Based approach: how to face with combinatory
explosion of sequences and states in future mobility systems«
10:05GKN Aerospace
Thomas Herkner, Forschungsingenieur
[This speaker has not authorised the publication
of the video recording]
10:10Airbus Protect, Gesine Varfis, Strategy Manager
»Aerospace & Aviation what it takes to stay in the game is compliance with EASA Part-IS paired with the ambition to go
10:30Coffee Break10:50Coffee Break
10:40Premium AEROTEC (a Business Unit of Airbus)
Michael Dupont, Head of A350 S16/18 CFRP Panel Production
»A350XWB RPB Automatisation via AFP Technology«
Needs | Various Applications

Chairman: TBD
11:05Volocopter GmbH
Dr. Bernd Thoma, Head of Manufacturing Engineering
»Composites bringing Urban Airmobility to life«
[This speaker has not authorised the publication
of the video recording]
11:00Luleå University of Technology
Prof. Rene Laufer, Professor and Head of Subject Space Systems
11:30Discussion11:20GMV GmbH
Jeremy Pierce Mayer, Senior Technical Lead
»Next-Generation Communication Systems«
11:40Luleå University of Technology, Centre of Excellence, Division of Space Technology, Department of Computer Science,
Electrical and Space Engineering
Olle Persson, CEO
12:00Lunch Break12:20Lunch Break
Future Air Mobility: Technical Research

Chairman: Mike Hirschberg, VFS
We print to fly: Additive Manufacturing for lightweight solutions

Chairman: Linus Tillmann, Mobility goes Additive e.V.
13:30Technical University Munich
Prof. Ilkay Yavrucuk, Chair, Helicopter & VTOL Aircraft Institute
»Vertical Flight Research at TUM«
13:30Rocket Factory Augsburg
Vasyl Kashevko, Additive Manufacturing Enabler
13:50Technical University Munich
Prof. Florian Holzapfel, Chair, Flight Systems Dynamics Institute
»Making Future Air Mobility Fly«
13:50MT Aerospace AG
Thomas Weitlaner, Senior Vice President Additive Manufacturing Sales
»AM for Space: Status and advancements in L-PBF, DED and hybrid manufacturing«
14:10Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI
Henri Meeß, Group Leader Highly Automated Flying
»ALBACOPTER® - Autonomous Flight«
14:10EOS GmbH
Udo Behrendt, Key Account Manager Aerospace
»AM in Aerospace - EOS«
14:30Dipolo GmbH
Federico Lo Cicero, Simulation Engineer
»Fly It Before You Build It: Reaching New Heights in Aircraft Development with Simulation«
14:30Fraunhofer IGCV
Maja Lehmann, Group Leader Additive Manufacturing
»Multi-Material Powder Bed Fusion of Metals – Recent Developments and Possible Space Applications«
Sonja Rasch, Sales Director Manufacturing D/CH
»Addressing the Adoption Hurdles of AM in Aerospace«
15:30Coffee Break15:10Coffee Break
Future Air Mobility: eCTOL / eSTOL / Hydrogen
Chairman: Prof. Florian Holzapfel, Technical University Munich
15:30Premium AEROTEC (a Business Unit of Airbus)
Dr. Thomas Bielefeld, Senior Manager Additive Manufacturing
»Minimization of CO2-Footprint by Additive Manufacturing«
Dr. Anita Sengupta, CEO
»Integration status of Hydroplane Hydrogen Powered Protium Aircraft«
16:05MT Aerospace AG
Dr. Günther Schullerer, Director of Engineering
»Development of a Liquid-Hydrogen Storage and Supply System for Future Emission-Free Aviation«
Computing, Simulation & AI

John Griesbacher, R&D Aerospace Engineer
»How to design a long range and high payload hydrogen eVTOL«
Dr. Jörg Herter, Senior Technical Consultant
»Satisfying Real-Time Requirements on Multi-core Processors«
16:45Piasecki Aircraft
Stefan Andres, Chief of Product
»Why and How Hydrogen Makes Future Helicopters Fly«
16:20Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI
Henri Meeß, Group Leader Highly Automated Flying
»Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project ALBACOPTER®«
17:05Discussion16:40Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)
Christopher Maurice Wünsch, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
»In-situ investigation and analytical modeling of crack initiation and propagation in Ti-6Al-4V under low cycle fatigue
conditions on microscale«
18:00End of Conference Day18:00End of Conference Day
DAY 3 | Oct 27th, 2023
Future Air Mobility: Electrical Systems

Chairman: Pamir Sevincel, Blackbird
Composites & Additive Manufacturing

Chairman: TBD
Richard Charlton, CEO & Co-Founder
»Aircraft Charging Solutions«
09:10NETZSCH Process Intelligence GmbH
Dr. Alexander Chaloupka, Managing Director | CTO
»Digitizing Composite Manufacturing for Process Efficiency «
Derek Jordanou-Bailey, Chief Engineer
»Maximising the environmental benefits of aerospace electrification«
09:30Engenuity Ltd.
Martin Wachtel, Engineering Analyst
»Advancing Composite Crash Structures: Predicting Energy Absorption in Air Mobility«
Lawrence Blakeley, COO & Head of Design Organisation
»Certification as a source of innovation«

Chairman: TBD
Olaf Otto, President - Electrical
»Rolls-Royce – paving the way towards robust and performant hybrid-electrical systems.«
09:50Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co. KG
Marc Maendl, Presales
»Driving Innovation in aircraft design by solving noise and vibrations challenges«
10:30Discussion10:10Fraunhofer IFAM
Flavius Pavel, Research Associate
»Gap filling for thermoplastic fuselage shells«
10:30Fraunhofer IGCV
Dr. Renato Bezerra, Research staff
»Production of a complex shape thermoplastic CFRP structure by T-AFP with in-situ consolidation«
10:50Fraunhofer IGCV
Cassandra Bauer,
»Analyzing the influence of process parameters on antistatic pipes produced by braiding pultrusion«
11:10Lunch Break11:30Lunch Break
Future Air Mobility: Infrastructure and Suppliers

Chairman: Mike Hirschberg, VFS
12:30Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions
Dan Sloat, CEO
»Vertiports as the AAM Ecosystem Marketplace«
Derek Jordanou-Bailey, Chief Engineer–Aerospace
»Developing an optimised electric power unit for AAM propulsion«
Dr. Stefan Perras, Head of Predevelopment & Innovation
»Smart Infrastructure for Electric Aircraft«
12:50Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology
Simon Dillmann, Scientific Employee
»Validation Platform for UAM Propulsion Systems«
13:10UAM Vertiports - Air TECCON GmbH
Oliver Grunewald, Senior Design Consultant / Architect
»AAM – A new transport mode or the search for a useful application scenario «
13:10P3 group
Tobias Breithaupt, Head of future mobility / aerospace
»Unraveling recurring patterns in AAM: Ideas for cross-industry learnings«
13:30FACC Operations GmbH
Günter Nelböck, VP, Engines & Nacelles
»Success factor on UAM projects during the development process«
13:30Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Prof. Dr. André Baeten, Research Professor Lightweight Construction and Composite Technology
»Cryogenic hydrogen cooling system for a new electric drive system
13:50Honeywell Aerospace applications«
Martin Miehling, UAS/UAM Account Manager–Europe
»Powering The Future Of Flight«
13:5013:50 MM-Welding AG
Corentin Foucher, Development Engineer
»InWWerse Fastening Technology for Aircraft Interior Applications«
14:10Panel Discussion14:10Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE
Dr. Simon Kothe, Head of Central Office
»Automated assembly of the Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator«
Markus Pont, CEO
»The Digital Transformation of Motion«
14:50Brno University of Technology
Jiří Novák, Ph.D. student
»Hybrid Modeling Approach for Optimization Based Control of Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles«
15:00Brno University of Technology
Jiří Novák, Ph.D. student
»Parameter Optimization of Adaptive Nonlinear Control System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles «
17:00End of Conference Day17:00End of Conference Day