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REVIEW Airtec 2022

Airtec Trade Fair 2022 in Munich closed successfully! Here is the post-fair report with facts and figures.

22 Countries

Exhibitors and visitors from 22 countries

60 lectures

An outstanding, high-profile International Conference

Exhibitors, visitors &
B2B meeting participants

Bavarian lifestyle

Networking beyond the fair. A Bavarian evening in a rustic Munich brewery.

REVIEW Airtec 2022, International Trade Fair, Conference and B23B-meetings, October 26th until 28th, 2022, Munich, Germany

Airtec Trade Fair 2022 in Munich closed successfully! – Great compliments to the organizers for their most innovative exhibition concept on innovative aviation and advanced air mobility – new on new space industry – Plenty of high-level contacts- Highly international participation with 22 countries!

Munich, October 3rd, 2023.
Airtec 2022, which took place from October 26th until 28th, 2022 in Munich, Germany has closed with great success. 2.160 exhibitors, participants and visitors from 22 countries attended Airtec 2022. A successful plus in comparison to 2022. Many meetings were registered within the matchmaking platform and outside the platform at the place. The digital exhibition-, conference and -B2B matchmaking platform offered to the exhibitors and participants a very useful and handy matchmaking. It was very well used to settle meetings beforehand. Outside
the digital platform there were in addition vivid meetings running at the VIP Lounge of Airtec 2022. Supply Chain, procurement managers, CTO`s, developers, technology and innovation managers and engineers discussed with exhibitors of the innovative aerospace supply chain new business opportunities.

Airtec 2022 was inaugurated by the Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy Dr. Anna Christmann and the Bavarian State Minister and Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery Dr. Florian Herrmann, MdL. Roland Weigert, MdL, Under-Secretary of State in the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy held a speech on the second exhibition day as introduction to the New Space panel.

Companies from the following nations were represented as exhibitors and participants: Australia, Austria, Germany, England, France, Italy, Finland, Indonesia, Japan Switzerland, Spain, United Stated of America, South Corea and many more. The international participation was high.

Exhibitors and likewise participants pointed out, that Airtec 2022 has become one of the world’s leading meetingplaces for innovative aerospace, new electrical aviation and advanced air mobility industry, for the value & supply chain, for sustainability and alternative fuels, for new materials and additive manufacturing and new at Airtec 2022 for new space. The connectivity between the innovative industries in aviation, advanced air mobility and new space were well praised. The exhibitors pointed out that Airtec 2022 gathered all the major suppliers and OEM`s in innovative aerospace, in electrical aviation and new aviation, VTOLs and regional jets. They emphasized the excellent organization and support of the organizers, the IGF GmbH, the matchmaking of suppliers and new OEM`s in Aerospace, electrical aviation, VTOLs and regional aviation, and new space. The contacts to the new OEM`s regarding the new aerospace industry, electrical aviation and air mobility were rated as outstanding.

The demonstrator of the TUM University at the joint booth of the TUM University, represented by Prof. Holzapfel and the Vertical Flight Society, represented by the CEO, Mike Hirschberg have found a great appeal. It was a life attraction, which many participants have used to fly with a VTOL virtually. The high quality of the contacts made by the exhibitors with visitors was emphasized.

The international conference with its panels on new space and the sessions and panels on advanced air mobility, the sessions on alternative fuels and hydrogen as well as lightweight (composites & additive manufacturing) value & supply chain have found a great resonance.

Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Urban Air Mobility, Deutsche Aircraft, Electra, GKN; Eve, Electra, Honeywell, FACC/EHang, Lilium, Volocopter, Pipistrel/Textron, GKN, Odys, Vaeridion, Joby, H2Fly and many more were represented at the international conference on advanced air mobility industry and supply chain. Chairman was Mike Hirschberg, CEO from the Vertical Flight Society. The session value & supply chain was represented by the supply chain director of Airbus Group and the Deutsche Aircraft. Lightweight and additive manufacturing were represented by CTC Stade, Roboze, Velo 3D and Lift/Materialize. The new space panel with representatives from OHB, HPS, ESA, DLR (Space to Motion), the new Space initiative at the BDI, Rocket Factory Augsburg, the Institute of Telematics, have found a great appeal. en2x – Association of Fuels and Energy – have had their own session for alternative fuels (SAFs) in aviation with renowned speakers from German Aviation Association (BDL), OMV Burghausen refinery, the Ministry for Traffic from Baden-Württemberg, Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport BMDV and German Aerospace Centre (DLR). The hydrogen session on aviation was represented by Hydrogen Europe, the German Hydrogen Association, by H2Fly and more. Exhibitors had also the excellent opportunity to hold a speech in various sessions.

Procurement and supply chain managers from Airbus Group, Austro Engine, Arianespace, Leonardo and others were present and discussed new business opportunities with the exhibiting suppliers of Airtec 2022.

Airtec 2022 offered with its international Trade Fair and highly international and highly innovative B2B-meeting participants, visitors and speakers a very high-level international event. A driver and accelerator for new technology and new contacts and business opportunities to the new aerospace, electrical aviation, advanced air mobility and new space industries.

Airtec 2023 is already fixed. It will take place from October 25th until 27th, 2022 in the Metropolitan Area Munich, Germany. Due to the high rebooking rates of the existing exhibitors and new interested companies, Airtec 2022 will reach 300 to 400 exhibitors from 25 nations and participants and visitors from 30 countries. The organizers of Airtec 2023 offer to interested companies in exhibiting special early bird rates for Airtec 2023.

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Impressions of Airtec 2022

According to our exhibitors, the best B2B meetings ever, a truly top-class conference, thousands of visitors and always focusing on innovations and the supply chain for the aerospace of the future.


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AIRTEC 2022 // OCT 25-27, 2023 // Messe Augsburg fair grounds, MUNICH METROPOLITAN AREA, GERMANY

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