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welcome to Augsburg, one of Germany’s oldest cities. Augsburg was founded in 15 B.C. as a Roman military encampment between the Lech and Wertach riv-ers. From the beginning, water played a significant role in the city’s develop-ment. In July 2019, Augsburg was awarded the title UNESCO World Heritage Site for its “Water Management System.” The Lech canals that weave through the historic district were used by craftsmen to power water wheels.

The free imperial city reached its peak of economic prosperity in the 15th and 16th centuries through the long-distance trading and banking businesses of Augsburg’s merchant families, especially the Fugger and Welser families. Dur-ing this time, Augsburg was one of the metropolises of the Renaissance. The birthplaces of Bertolt Brecht and Leopold Mozart, father and patron of the musi-cal genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, are in Augsburg. In the Fugger City Pal-ace, Martin Luther met with a representative of the pope who demanded Luther end his “heretical speeches.”

For hikers und cyclists, there is a well-developed network of paths in the district of Augsburg and in the hilly “Wittelsbacher Land”. The ruling dynasty of the Wit-telsbacher ruled Bavaria for over 700 years. At the battle on the Lechfeld in 955, Bishop Ulrich and King Otto the Great laid the foundation for today’s Europe.

To learn about the history of Augsburg and the two counties, we invite you to visit the following museums free of charge:



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