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Climate neutral flying: SAFs as a hot topic

Aviation is changing dramatically: how can we achieve climate neutrality as quick as possible? Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) are a promising approach.

Of course, we all have the goal of zero-emission aviation. But it will take some time before that happens. One of the most promising approaches to achieve climate neutrality in aviation in the short term are Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

Therefore, in the afternoon of the first conference day (Wednesday, October 26th, 2022), we dedicated an entire session to this important topic. Speakers are expected to give us insights from countless perspectives: aviation industry, airports, refineries and politics.

This session is organized by en2x – Association of Fuels and Energy.


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AIRTEC 2022 // OCT 25-27, 2023 // Messe Augsburg fair grounds, MUNICH METROPOLITAN AREA, GERMANY

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